Standard WP Security & Maintenance



  1. Daily backups:
    Regular and thorough backups of your website. In a worst case scenario where your website is completely lost, we can restore it to the previous day’s version.
  2. WordPress Core Updates:
    The WordPress platform regularly comes out with updates to the platform that includes new features, functions, fixes and security updates. Keeping your site updated with the latest version of WordPress is an important part in maintaining a healthy, secure website.
  3. Theme Updates:
    Themes often have updates similar to WordPress. On top of updating when the WordPress platform does, theme developers often make tweaks of their own, so we make sure your theme is up to date with the latest version.
  4. Plugin Updates:
    The biggest security risk to WordPress websites is using outdated, or unsupported plugins. If your plugin isn’t updated regularly, it creates an opening for hacking into your website.
  5. Strong Password Enforcement:
    Setting strong passwords for user levels make hacking by password guessing extremely difficult.
  6. Brute Force Protection:
    Right behind outdated plugins, brute force attacks are the second largest window for hackers to break into your site. We implement multiple barriers to prevent this from happening in the first place.
  7. Lock Out Bad Users:
    Too many failed login attempts, or getting too many 404 errors from attempting to access pages that do not exist will lock out the user.
  8. File Change Notification:
    Every time a file is changed on your website, we are notified and review the change to ensure it wasn’t malicious.

Includes 1 small task request – work entailed must be under 1 hour as determined by Neu Media, after which standard rates apply.

Services Disclaimer:

Website security is a broad and constantly evolving are, requiring constant updates and monitoring. No services are guaranteed to 100% protect any website from hacking attempts and any company or individual claiming to do so would be false in their statements.